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Thursday, June 22, 2023
Introduction by General George A. Custer
to the movie"They Died With Their Boots On" in Hastings, Michigan.

Sunday, October 6, 2019
Re-enactment of the Wedding of Elizabeth Bacon to George Custer
at the First Presbyterian Church in Monroe, Michigan.


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The First Presbyterian Church in Monroe is the longest operating Presbyterian Church in the State of Michigan. As part of the celebration of its 200th anniversary, Steve Alexander was asked to portray George Armstrong Custer in the re-creation of the Custer Wedding on the last day of Custer Week.

Stefania Pelfini played the role of Elizabeth Clift Bacon. Gary Bogedain, a member of the Presbyterian Church, wore the robe of Reverend Erasmus Boyd, and Randy McCormick put on the robe of Methodist Minister Rev. Mattoon. Gerald and Carolyn Rath portrayed the Bacons. Carolyn grew up in the Bacon home (now owned by Steve Alexander) so she was a natural to portray Libbie's stepmother, Rhoda Bacon. Carolyn's husband gave the bride away as Judge Bacon. A real Custer relative, Bill McAfee, reprised his role as Father Custer having portrayed Emanuel from the wedding reenacted 12 years ago. A reception was held in the church's basement where the cutting of the cake was performed with Henry Hawker's Cavalry Sabre. A full listing of the cast follows the video. 


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