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Filmography and Television Specials

1. Slices of Life "Battle of Bristo Station" Michigan Public Television 1990
2. "Custer's Last Stand" Hardin Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture 1990
3. "Montana Trilogy" KXLY Presentation 1990
4. Fort Custer "Getting to Know You" Lawrence Productions 1991
5. "Cascades '92 Civil War Muster" Public Broadcast Special 1992
6. "Hardin: In the Heart of the American West" Hardin, Montana Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture 1992
7. "Along the Little Big Horn" Special Presentation KTVX 4 Utah 1993
8. "Jack Palance Legends of the West" Vidmark Entertainment 1993
9. "Custer-The Story of Yellow Hair" Cromwell Productions 1994
10. "Custer's Monroe-The Nickel Tour" Major Vista Media 1995
11. "American Visions: The Wilderness and the West" BBC-2 1995
12. "Red Gold, Black Hills" Great Western Films 1995
13. "Amazing America" The Learning Channel-Four Point Entertainment 1995
14. "Fort Abraham Lincoln" North Dakota Tourism 1997
15. "Montana Beneath the Big Sky" Third Eye Productions 1997
16. "Biography: George Armstrong Custer-America's Golden Cavalier" Arts & Entertainment- Greystone Productions 1997
17."The New Explorers: Betrayal at Little Big Horn" Arts & Entertainment-Kurtis Productions 1998
18. "The Western Edge" Dakota Communications/Fort Abraham Lincoln Foundation 1998
19. "Little Big Horn-The Untold Story" History Channel-Lou Reda Productions 1999
20. "Encounters with the Unexplained: Custer's Last Stand, What Really Happened at the Little Big Horn?"Pax Channel-Grizzly Adams Productions 2000
21. "First In Battle The True Story of the 7th Cavalry" History Channel 2001
22."C-Span: The Writings of Black Elk" National Cable Satellite Corporation 2001
23. "Custer Coal Mine: Fond Memories" Community Access Television Cable 12 Bismarck, North Dakota 2001
24. "Playset Video Collector: The Westerns" Atomic Home Video 2002
25. "Carson & Cody The Hunter Heroes" History Channel-Native Sun Productions 2003
26. "Command Decisions #115 Battle of Little Bighorn" History Channel-Michael Hoff Productions 2004
27. "Only in America: Custer's Last Stand Battle Reenactors" Discovery Times 2004
28. "Wild West Tech: Military Tech" History Channel-Greystone Productions 2004
29. "Pow Wow Trail: Episode 10 The White Man's Indian" I. C. E. Productions 2004
30. "Custer VS Hampton Huntertown" Pennsylvania Cable Network 2005
31. "History Hogs: On the Trail of General Custer" History Channel-GRB Entertainment 2005
32. "The Presidents" History Channel-Greystone Productions 2005
33. "Monterey Pass" Pennsylvania Cable Network 2006
34. "Investigating History: Who Killed Crazy Horse?" History Channel-Kurtis Productions 2005
35. "Gettysburg Darkest Days & Finest Hours" Lion Heart Productions 2008
36. "The Battle of Hanover" Hanover Multimedia 2008
37. "The Great Indian Wars 1540-1890" Mill Creek Entertainment 2009
38. "What Went Down at Custer's Last Stand" History Channel 2009
39. "Big Horn" Monorail Pictures and Left Bank Films 2010
40. "Mystery Files" Parthenon 2011